Anything less than REAL security is no security at all.

Licensed, Insured, Experienced, and Trusted. Learn more about our agency divisions:

  • Security and Patrol Division

    Public Safety Officers provide professional uniformed and undercover armed security enforcement, patrol, extradition, and corrections transport services. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

  • Security Service Aides

    Security Service Aides provide unarmed non-enforcement security support services including access control, metal detector screening, school crossing guards, parking services, CCTV and dispatch monitoring.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

  • Special Investigations Unit

    Detectives and Investigators collect evidence to resolve all manner of criminal and civil cases, provide expert witness testimony, and executive protection.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

  • Firearms Training

    Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors are certified and licensed to provide classroom and range firearms training and proficiency qualification for armed professionals and civilians.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

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