Our State of Florida Licensed Investigators provide you the factually unimpeachable civil and criminal investigative service that bring your case to a swift and favorable resolution. With so much on the line, can you afford anything less than REAL investigators?

Criminal and Civil Investigations

If you need to find it or prove it, we’re on the case. Highly skilled professional private investigators with the technical and legal skills in interviewing, surveillance, evidence collection and preservation, documentation, and courtroom testimony work tirelessly to bring your case to a swift and favorable resolution. No case is too big or too small, whether it’s a criminal case, civil, missing person, asset location, background check, pre-employment screening, VIP, or executive protection.

Need a state-commissioned notary public? We can come to you for an oath, affirmation, VIN verification, safe deposit box inventory, or other official acts within the scope of our authority,

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